CBS The Briefcase Theme & Custom Cues
Gigi Radics “Over You” Producer & Writer "Over You" Gigi Radics Megasztar TV Show Winner #1 Hungary #1 Germany #2 Place Eurovision Hungary
NAVY NCIS Music for Abby Sciuto Character
Britney Spears "Stronger" (Jack D. Elliot Club / Mac Quale Remix)
Progressive Insurance "Discount.... Not Disco" Commercial Music
Britney Spears "Lucky" (Jack D. Elliot Club Remix)
Kelly Rowland "Gimme Real" - Producer (Written by Diane Warren)
What Happens in Vegas Theatrical Movie Trailer Score
Dolly Parton "Two Doors Down" Remix
Backstreet Boys "I Want it That Way" (Jack D. Elliot Club Remix)
N’SYNC "It's Gonna Be Me" (Jack D. Elliot Club Remix)
Nick Lachey What's Left of Me: #1 Billboard Dance Club Remix



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